Disneyworld – Day 6 Magic Kingdom again

[Will blog Day 5 & 7 together.. fast forward to Day 6 first]

20 Nov

I figured out that if you are celebrating a special occasion on a Disneyland trip, it’s better to go when it’s your 4th- example, 4th birthday, 4th anniversary! The characters are pretty excited when we told them that we are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary! hahaha it’s kinda like a white lie (anniversary was in September) but I just wanna wear that badge and be extra special 😀

Turns out that it’s worth it to openly declare that we are celebrating our wedding anniversary!!! the crew members congratulate us… the characters congratulate us… the cutest part was.. the characters showed their hands and counted – that’s when i discovered that most of them have 4 fingers (Mickey, chip, dale) !!!! That’s y i think going to Disney to celebrate the 4th of something is a good idea! You will see Chip counting his fingers in one of the pics below .. how adorable!

It was the soft opening of the NEW Fantasyland!!

We made reservations at the new restaurant – Be Our Guest (Beast’s and Belle’s castle) For Disney dinning, u need reserve many months before or u won’t get a table. It’s our 1st and only sit down/full service Disney dining in this trip

Love the deco.. it's so real! FYI, the prince's pic will change to beast every 8 mins or so 🙂

Food was good – considering that we had bad food for the past few days. The dishes served were French inspired. I had seafood pot pie while BH had steak

When it’s time for dessert, the server would push the cart to u so that u can have your pick! Cool!!!

After we paid and exit… we met BEAST!!! It was probably the only character that we don’t have to line up for a long time!!!

Not a good pic of us BUT BEAST is majestic! Now I know how Belle fell in love with him.. such a gentle giant!

After dinner, we headed to a new attraction “Belle’s Tales” It’s an interactive story-telling session with Belle. The crew members picked some participants.. and BH was picked!!! OMG!! I was soooo excited!!!! hahaha.. I mean.. of so many people he was picked!!! see… the beauty of the ‘we are celebrating’ badge!!!! 🙂

Bing’s role was Belle’s knight!! everybody say “WAH!!” hehehe

It was such a awesome experience!!!! Something I will nv forget!!

Love how the castle changes at night… very pretty!! very magical!! I know.. I used the word ‘magical’ many times.. but it really is!! this time round, we didn’t take much pics of the fireworks.. decided that we shld just enjoy and rem it in our heads instead 🙂

Just one last look…..

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