I passed!!

yay!! Finally got my WA driving license 🙂

I consider myself v lucky! My tester is very kind to let me pass! Well.. I am still a timid driver.. hahaha

So.. My test is at 8.30am on a Saturday. I think it’s a pretty good timing because everyone is probably still sleeping. To top it up, there was slight showers.. so roads were quite empty.

Everything in my drive test went on well ( he only brought me to residential areas to drive – little traffic) until…I got to park on a hill… and i bump onto the curb! OMG.. In my head.. I was like that’s it! I also turned the wheel to the wrong direction ( should be AWAY from curb, I did otherwise 🙁 ) Erm.. that was -4 pts. Then we went onto a small road… He told me to turn RIGHT BUT i wanted to turn left! gosh… he alerted me again in time … I have a super bad sense of direction! At that time, I was thinking in my head “it’s ok… I can just retake the test”  Then I encouraged myself that “I still have hope – test is not over!”.. s0… I tried to be positive.. and perfected my parking!!

Drove back to test centre.. and it was time for results…. when he told me I passed.. I was sooooo happy!!! 🙂 Thank God for giving me such a lenient tester… hahaha… The passing score is 80 and I got 89… way to go!!

The only bad thing is… the photo of me on the driver’s license is really UGLY 🙁

hahaha.. But…. I passed! Happy Saturday! Now I have an identity in WA and I don’t have to carry my passport around!!

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