How much are you worth?

[Random thoughts]

Since BH and I had relocated here, my parents are helping us to collect our letters. My sister would then take pictures and inform us of the letters we received.

One day, she send me a shot of  BH’s insurance policy. I took a quick look and giggled at how insurance companies put a value to one’s life. I saw that BH’s life was valued at $X amount. I felt a little sad..why?

1) If something happens to BH.. I will only get $X! So little!!! “Lu gi” leh…

2) Insurance company is not God … who are they to put a monetary value to our lives right?

sigh… then’s a dog-eat-dog world.. you pay more premium you are worth more.. money talks. Who cares if you are a good person?

I told my sis about what I suddenly realised…

Sis: Now then u know! I am worth more dead than alive!

hahaha… so sad….

When BH knew how much he’s worth.. he’s like…

BH: I am worth more alive than dead!

Now… I wonder how much I’m worth…

I think I’m worth more not working than when I’m working.. heh


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