Disneyworld – Day 3 Animal Kingdom

I think this park is the most boring of all. Well.. it has alot of animals (duh!) and it doesn’t have the ‘magical’ feel which I like. haha.. this park also closes the earliest

17 Nov

Ok.. so BH wasn’t feeling well.. i think probably indigestion? We had a very short and unexciting day here. Hmm.. photos are limited too as we used the lomocam

Luckily, BH was feeling under the weather.. I was spared from taking ‘Expedition Everest’   Phew! The parade in this park is also “meh…”

The most exciting was a ride through the safari… wow! the animals are real and they are super close to u! good experience! It’s like we are suddenly in Africa!


That’s all…. our Day 4 is really awesome though! Stay tuned!

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