Disneyworld – Day 2 Magic Kingdom

Disney isn’t Disney till you see the majestic Cinderella castle 🙂

16 Nov

The first Disneyland Bh and I went to was the one in Tokyo. Well.. Disney is always magical.. no wonder it’s called the happiest place on earth. I feel even more magical in Magic Kingdom since… it’s the HQ!!! 🙂


Marie the cat was the first character we saw… OMG.. she is sooo adorable! What I love about this disneyland is taking a photo is NEVER a snap and go experience – the characters actually interacts with u.. and the superb photographers will capture these precious moments… and yes… no matter how young or old , they treat u the same!!! LOVE!!

Things at Disney are not cheap… The lanyard that I’m using was from my Tokyo Disneyland trip – it lasted sooooo long!!! It’s super useful to put fastpass and disney day tix/resort card. After 1000000x coaxing from BH.. i decided to invest on the ears… hahaha… don’t I look good in it? hehe.. i should have bought it many years ago but was too overwhelmed with practicality – decided to put all these thoughts away during this trip!

Nobody can miss the parade at Disney!!! Love how joyful and happy everyone are!!

More pictures!!!

So happy!!! It’s a happy place u know!!! yes… it’s crowded.. but we were very patient to wait in line for pics and rides – most of the time.. it’s worth it (for me la.. BH finds it boring and childish)!!!

It gets dark very soon… On selected nights (like this night we were in the park), there is a “very merry x’mas party” This is a special event that requires you to purchase extra tix to enjoy the extended hrs, special performance, parades and meet characters who don’t usual come out for pics! oh.. u also get free flow of hot choc/apple juice/apple slices and cookies all night long! wow!

BH told me about this parade – it was $65/person !! I was too stingy so I told him “don’t bother to spend the extra $” However, I was really excited with the things I can see/do and was reluctant to leave at 7pm ( when the park starts to shun away people who don’t have the special wristbands – YES.. they DO CHECK) .. so we bought the tix last minute and join in the fun!!

You know what makes the night even more magical? We were in line to buy tix and happened to chat with a lady in front of us. She was super friendly…then she told us that she have extra 2 tix for the special event because her son and in-laws’ flight was delayed! She was super nice and wanted to give us the tix!! Imagine!!! $130 for FREE!!! BH felt super bad.. and paid her $100! Lucky us!!!

It was a great night… totally worth it!! I mean.. if $65/$50 can mk me happy… why not??!!

Another tiring day spent at Disney… I fell asleep with sweet dreams 🙂 Thanks to my dearest hubby!

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