Lumia920 was out at AT&T on 9 Nov. I have no idea why.. but BH decided to get his phone on the first day. I went along with him.. just for the fun of it… and.. to our surprise….. there’s a LONG line ( everyone wanted the Lumia.. I was embarrassed to tell the sales person I wanted the Note!)!! we lined up for 2.5 hours and finally got the phones! yay!!! His is RED, mine is WHITE. Such a Singapore colour right? hahaha

Initially, I wanted the Galaxy Note 2 ( which was also released the same day at AT&T) However, they only had gray 🙁 and after playing with the phone, Andriod just felt difficult to use. At that time, there was only 1 Note left.. ah… dilemma…hard decision…BUT I decided to stay with Windows Phone 🙂

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