Mr Brown is coming to Seattle!

Say “WOW!”

Every year, the Overseas Singaporean Unit will organize speakers to talk to Singaporeans. Well.. the usual speech is about going back to SG to work/live etc..sad to say, BH and I NEVER attended any of these talks before. The past speakers were not people we know.. and we are not interested to hear about how good Singapore is .. or how we need to have babies to increase the population.. blah…

This year is different! we found ourselves+our friends looking forward to this event as it’s not any Tom, Dick or Harry… it’s MR BROWN!!! hahaha… If there’s 1 blog which keep us updated on news in SG.. it is Mr Brown’s 🙂

we signed up for this event several weeks ago.. and the event is finally happening this Saturday!! How exciting!!! I hope to have a picture taken with Mr Brown! hahaha.. let’s see how this go…Shall update more ~~

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