yesterday, Bh and i were very excited to go on a date on a weekday night! this hardly or rather NEVER happens in Singapore due to my work.. oh well… so… we were really looking forward… it started with this in the morning:

he woke up earlier coz he need to go to Redmond for workshop.. so i continued to slp… and i found this on the table when i went down for my breakfast… it was quite a sweet gesture… 🙂 considering tt he NEVER did anything sweet for like 6 yrs? geez… good job! ( juz like a child, u gt 2 give positive reinforcement 2 encourage him 4 doing gd!)

BH came home rather early yesterday, in fact, VERY early.. at 5.30pm!! so we quickly ate and we finally caught our FIRST movie in Seattle – it’s Watchmen.. we watched the movie at the IMAX threatre which is a stone throw away from our apartment ( it’s really a stone throw) .. the thing at IMAX is it’s free seating… so u got to go early to gt a good seat.. so we got quite a good seat ( at the back).. so BH and i were discussing – Should movie threatres in Singapore adopt a free seating policy? we thought it was a good idea.. but looking at the kiasu lifestyle of s’poreans.. we wld probably queue up for a gd seat like days b4 hand? hahaha… juz kidding.. what do u think?

okok.. back to Watchmen …

If you think tt IMAX = the one at Science Centre.. u r wrong… this IMAX has a huge screen ( 6 storeys high.. forgot how many feet long) and good sound system.. tt’s all… so.. we watched the show and i caught no ball… really! i mean.. i love all these shows on superheros… i was expecting something like X-men which i totally love BUT i was wrong… man…

I guess the best part is the SEX scene… coz the screen is huge.. u can see her breast quite clearly.. haha.. and coz the sound system is good.. u can hear his and her breathing + moaning very clearly too… it’s like soft porn.. ya know.. and sadly.. in the whole movie.. i like the SEX BEST… learnt some new position.. wahahaha…

so.. the blue man – John was naked most of the time throughout the show.. hmm…  nice to see a blue penis dangling throughout the show.. and it sure looks big man… hahaha… i was thinking.. why didn’t they wanna make briefs for him.. i mean.. a naked man is nt relevant to the show… hmm… even the incredible hulk wore something underneath…

ok.. the pt is… Does the Sg version of Watchmen have all these parts? or were they censored? if u watched Watchmen.. let me know k! though i won’t reccommend this show to anyone.. haha.. unless u are horny.. and u wanna see what a blue dick looks like.. :X

anyhow, after the show…(maybe coz everything was so BIG.. ) i had a BIG headache too… went home gt changed and slept.. heck the new position la.. haha.. and Watchmen was juz a crappy show… i don’t like it.. and i don’t understand what’s so gd abt it…

addicted to this song now:
Taylor Swift – Love Story

2 Replies to “Watchmen”

  1. u’re so horny.

    anyway, will this give me an ABC nephew or niece? i don’t mind one to play with then throw back to u haha

  2. Thanks for the sharing the joy with me guys! 🙂
    and BH! very very sweet note u wrote! keep up the good work ah

    and Amanda, I know it wasn’t a positive review of the show… but your mention of the new positions make the show rather intriguing! hahahaha

    Well, when the place is up and u guys are in SG, can come visit me sometime 🙂 Take care!

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