The happiest day of my life…

is not when I fell in love.. or graduated… or got married… BUT it’s when I broke my bond. The feeling of joy and freedom is something which words cannot describe! 🙂 I was and still am happy! The money that I needed to pay is a BIG amount but it’s lesser than what I had anticipated. The rumors or whatever additional interest is NON-EXISTENT!

If you have been following my blog or if you are my friend, you may be aware of my situation. As my no pay leave came to an end, I was very afraid and emotional. I didn’t want to leave my hubby.. either do I want to leave what I have here. BH had always been very supportive.. ever since Day 1 of my ‘suffering’ he already knew that he would want to ‘rescue’ me from my agony. I’m blessed.

After years of saving and mental torture, I made the decision to resign. The process was smooth. I went back to SG, got a cashier’s order and the bond was resolved. “Money solves all problem” my sister likes to say. How true!

My parents were quite upset and disappointed. They compared me to other people who are still in their jobs. You know, the difference between those people and me? They got their spouse with them. Yes, I admit that I am very needy and dependent – there’s NOT a tiny bit of being a ‘career woman’ in me. I’m just the kind of woman who likes to do housewifey stuff.  Is that wrong? Then again, I really don’t mind serving my bond if BH have the intention to go back. The problem is he doesn’t – at least not for now 🙁

The good thing is.. my friends in the US commented that I look more radiant and happy when I returned this time round .. it’s amazing! how a bond can make such a difference in my life!

What’s the plan now? Don’t ask me about kids.. we are not prepared yet. We are staying in a 1-bedroom rental and having kids would mean we need a bigger space. Bigger space means more expensive rental. Expensive rental does not make sense because the amount of money for rental is enough for monthly mortgage of a big house! Sigh.. and we can’t get a house yet because of our HDB. BH and I are hoping to get a dog first.. As for kids, not now.. maybe 4 years later 🙂

Now… let’s enjoy!! There’s no reason to be upset anymore! yay!!

Thank you God! Thank you BH for giving me every damn thing I wanted, regardless of size, price, length and whatever you can think of! The best 4th 6eptember ever!

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