Eventful flight to SG

I had the most eventful flight ever back to SG.

I guess it’s just me.. I like to plan my trips way in advanced..I like to know how my finance situation would be after spending XX amount of money on tickets.. and also.. I like to have something to look forward to. Hence, I booked my flight via SQ website on Jan 20, 2012. [And it just slipped my mind that I need to check for any flight changes prior the trip!!]

My flight was supposed to be on the 31 July departing from SEA to LAX, 10am. When I arrived at SEA, I was told the flight had rescheduled to be earlier, 9am! I was shocked as I did not receive any email/phone call to notify me of the change. As a result, I missed the flight. The staff at SEA managed to reroute me to LAX via PDX. However, the flight was delayed at PDX, causing me to miss my SQ11 flight on that day! I was devastated! In the end, I got rebooked for the next day’s flight and redirected back to SEA. Just when I thought the worst was over, I realised that one of my check-in baggage was missing! (Fortunately, it was located at the LAX airport much later – it was a scary experience nevertheless)

Finally, I arrived at SIN one day later (3 Aug) It was due to the fact that SQ did not inform me of the 1st flight change that I experience many hiccups in this trip! I not only lost one precious day of reunion with my family and also missed celebrating my Dad’s birthday 🙁

Yes, I did email SQ about my situation asking for compensation…However, I didn’t receive any. *sob*

Reminder to self: Not to take SQ for future travels to SG

1) Domestic flights are quite unpredictable – I might reach SFO/LAX late, hence missing my flight
2) At LAX, I will need to walk about 10mins to Terminal B to catch the international flight to SG ( Lucky thing: Check-in luggages will go all the way to SG)

Then again, I cannot ignore the fact that it’s nice to hear the stewards/stewardess speaking Singaporean English after a long while 🙂

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