The day time got stolen

BH and I woke up on March 8 and we had a shock of our lives! It was a wonderful sunday morning and we had plans ( haha… to go grocery shopping at 3 different supermarkets.. how interesting!) and we realised tt our time had been adjusted to 1 hr later! :O means… 8am = 9am now! i was pretty upset this means a shorter sunday u noe! and all the time on our laptops and hps re-set themselves to the correct time… i felt like there’s a monster who stole our time away… and it’s erasing all traces of his deeds by re-setting all the time ard us!

oh well.. we felt a little lost.. but we still went ahead with our plans to conquer 3 supemarkets… on our way to Costco – the gigantic supermarket, snow came down… we felt a little panicky as the skies suddenly turned dark and there were no cars on the roads! it’s like our GPS had a life of its own and brought us to an island….. and it felt abit like we were in an episode of LOST when time was actually moving backwards and forwards… anyhow, we remained calm …then suddenly, it was as though John Locke managed to ‘save’ us.. the skies became sunny again.. and the snow melted…and we reached our destination… yes… i was really cold and it felt as though the blood in my body had turned into ice…

Our first encounter with Daylight Saving Time (DST) and we are offically 15hrs ( no longer 16 hrs) behind Singapore 🙂

Above all, congrats to Wentan and Yenyen on their wedding!

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