Whidbey Island excursion

    22 July

(3/10 of my personal blog challenge)

We went to Whidbey Island for the first time! Well, the main point of the trip was to bring the doggies to a off leash beach! How cool! The weather was not exactly sunny… in fact, it was windy, cold and rainy :/

Before the trip, we had breakfast at Pomegranate Bistro ( Oh yes, Dave is on clutches as he sprained his ankle)

The view was pretty nice.. but not as nice at the Bainbridge Island ferry.. haha.. the whole ferry ride only took 20mins! As we were driving a Honda fit, our price for car+passenger is only $7.75 ( small car category) – I think we were overcharged several times previously

We drove about 10mins to reach the beach.. it is a really nice place!

Alina kindly loan us her dog, Benji.. haha.. and it was the first time BH picked up dog poo…. heh.. tell me about it – BH had been talking about getting a dog for the longest time!!! On days like this.. we want a dog 🙂

Whidbey island is quite small.. after the beach.. we hang out at Prima Bistro for Happy Hour. I personally feel that their happy hour menu is quite interesting.. there’s Pig ears , Bone marrow and snails!

It was a good trip….. until we had to board the ferry back… we started lining up at 5.15pm and only boarded the 6.30 ferry! Long wait~~

BH and I found out that there’s a no. of dog breeders in Whidbey island! haha..maybe the next time we come over, it will be for our puppy! 😀

ok.. check out my new aviator sunglasses! cool??!!

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