I’m back from our Europe trip! 😀 It had been a wonderful adventure and we are thinking of the NEXT trip!

It’s nice when strangers think that we are on our Honeymoon.. I kinda like that misunderstanding.. hahaha… we must be doing something ‘right’! Then again, my wedding band became loose and it slipped out of my finger on the 1st day! *gasps* It rolled and rolled BUT i stopped it in time… so scary!!!

Anyhow, just got to blog about this really small gesture which touched me 🙂 BH bought some chocolates for his colleagues ( we didn’t buy any for ourselves). I filled it up in a container and he brought it to work. Bh brought the container home last night with just a few chocolates left… OMG! He actually kept aside some for me to try before it all finished!!! I was soooo happy and touched ( I didn’t even remind him can!) I mean… it’s something small but I’m just so glad he did it… haha.. it made me happy that I was remembered… I dunno y.. it’s just chocolates but it made me feel so loved!

I was like “wah… you is love me one lor… you brought back some chocolates for me to try…” BH replied (while playing with his damn phone) ” I really love you one lor… ”

yeah right!!! but i’m happy 🙂

Shall blog about my trip once I settled the pics!

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