The Bachelor

last night was probably the most exciting Bachelor episode.. well… this series of ‘The Bachelor’ features Jason Mesnick who lives in Seattle and have a cute child name Ty.. he’s divorced..

so… a typical ‘The Bachelor’ series will include 25 women crowding, drooling over the ‘man’ and the ‘man’ could in turn touch, kiss, hug or even go further (this i’m not sure coz not shown on tv).. i kinda like the show.. and wishes that i’m him.. i mean.. how many guys won’t wanna have 25 women crazy over him right??

i got to admit tt i didn’t watch the whole series.. BUT i caught the last episode + ‘After the rose’ special… there were 2 ladies left – Melissa and Molly… the gal tt left the deepest impression on me was Molly.. she was super sweet!! i suspect tt her saliva taste like nectar – Jason kisses her soo passionately! haha.. anyhow, she made a nice scrapbk of the progess of their r/s.. so touching… reminds me of what i wld have done like donkey years ago…

however, Jason proposed + gave the final rose to Melissa…at first, i was v touched by Jason’s proposal.. u shld haf saw the ring…and the words tt he said to her brought tears to my eyes… a sense of pity swept past me. – i feel so short-changed! i don’t even wanna rem how i was proposed to man.. it’s soooooo unromantic… and i gt to accept it coz i have NO CHOICE.. geez… so i was like asking BH ” Can you propose to me again? ” he kept quiet.. i doubt he will… no wonder pple say marriage is the tomb of romance… i can’t agree more

b4 i go out of pt… after 6 weeks, Jason changed his mind and decided tt Melissa isn’t the girl for him.. this is probably the 1st time in ‘The Bachelor’ history ! Jason told Melissa about the break up on national tv ( the special episode) .. i felt like tt Jason is an asshole man… how could she proposed to someone then changed his mind??? my heart goes out for Melissa 🙁 it seems like she have no right to say that she doesn’t wanna break up! the thing i don’t understand is why did he suddenly realised tt he doesn’t wanna marry the girl who he claims he loves… and all those sweet words are nt true!!!

Jason – the worst kind of man in the world… so fickle-minded! disgrace all of MANkind!*sings “You change your mind like a girl changes clothes …….you’re hot then you’re cold..You’re yes then you’re no..You’re in and you’re out…You’re up and you’re down…You’re wrong when it’s right” *

If i see you in Seattle, i will………. *haven’t thought of it yet*

The bottomline: Be weary of the guy who proposes to u in a sweet or romantic way, he might juz change his mind!

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