Snowing in Jan~~

Christmas came late?!

If you are wondering if I had gone kuku and blogged so many entries at one go… I am sorta going kuku.. as kuku as the weather! hahaha… It started snowing last Saturday, it’s Thursday now .. and still snowing… (even when I’m typing this!)

It’s beautiful to see snow BUT it’s kinda inconvenient because the roads and pavement are all covered! It’s not safe to drive too! BH actually went to work on Monday and Tuesday. Upon seeing the pouring snow and cars skidding outside our window,I told him to come home soon. Now he’s working from home ..

okok.. here’s some pictures of snow days!!!

You can’t even see the road!!

This is how u walk in the snow…

Us – eeks.. ugly pic of me!

Let’s go cycling~~ (I don’t know how to cycle by the way.. haha)

haha… a crazy girl ~~

Last but not least… The best companion in the snow … MY HUNTERS!!! My foot is dry and warm after a walk in the snow.. hehe

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