Our NYE dinner

haha.. ok.. blogging this for records… with reference to what BH blogged about “our year end feast where I prepared the lobster tail with ease”

I realised that PhotoScape allows me to add small images ( I M WOLS.. heh) – so I did that for the pictures below to indicate our feelings while preparing the meal… Overall, I would say.. good cooperative work! 😀

BH is a very confused cook. I mean… he changed his mind with regards to which recipe he’s following very quickly. I’m glad it worked out eventually… If you are wondering… he followed the (what I called) ‘let the lobsters swim in the water’ recipe.. heh

After 15 mins and alot of ‘eh.. amanda… how ah?’

While he was ‘swimming’ with the lobster… I cooked the pasta… following this recipe I like Noobcook – I think she provides one of the BEST online recipes and her instructions are clear and ez to follow 🙂

Finally… our dinner!!

Good job!!! 😀

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