2011 Review (Booboo edition)

Woof Woof!
(Hi my name is Booboo)

Woof woof woof Woof WOOF!
(If you do not know me, that’s cause I am shy…)

Woof woof woooof wooff woof…
(I am an English Bulldog, so my owners call me Booboo)

Woof woof wofwof woof woof WOOF woof woof woooof
(2010 has been great! I live comfortably in my owner’s apartment and laze around all day on the sofa)

Woof woof woof woof woooof woof
(I do wish I will get a doogie friend soon to play with)

Woof woof woof woooooooooooof woooof
(That’s all. Happy New Year!)

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