2012 .. IT’S HERE!

life is really and indeed not a bed of roses

2011 had been a year filled with ups and downs ( once again) You know.. . When all is well, something may just pop up.. I guess that’s when we learn.. and how we grow stronger.

2011 is the year I lost someone really dear to me, my grandpa. Just the thought of it makes me tear – he passed away on the very day I left SG. I know he is probably enjoying himself in a better place now – still… it upsets me that I’m not there 🙁

2011 is also a year that we finally got our HDB. If there is a reason why I am saving money/working hard.. it’s because of my home. I always thought and wanted my home to be perfect. Nice furniture and renovation. I was quite upset that all these things had to be compromised – for the greater good. I really hope that I will be able to achieve my dream home in the near future

2011 marks the year that we made the MOST friends ever since we first relocated here. haha.. we had been really contented with just the 2 of us that making more friends isn’t part of the plan. Then again, by a stroke of luck, we participated in a SG gathering ( our first in 3 yrs btw) and we met friends who intro us to even more friends. It’s nice to have friends to hang out and to share our food with 🙂

2011 also made me a good cook. I think I really enjoy cooking. I can look for recipes and get really excited to cook something new! I am embarrassed to admit it but cooking is fun! heh.. I do wish that what I like to do is something that would mk me rich in terms of wealth, rather than .. erm.. FATS?

2011 is also the year that I got my first CHANEL BAG! 🙂 I must thank you BH for his generosity! I feel very blessed to have a great hubby who is willing to spend $ on me.. haha..
Chanel WOC

2011 marks the first time I visited a doc here!! It is a bad year for me in terms of health. sigh… I went to the doc countless of times. Health is wealth! I also extracted 2 of my wisdom tooth ( the other 2 will be extracted this year)

I am looking forward to 2012!! I’m also scared… but….

I can’t wait to be FREE ( out of my bond)!! I was telling BH that on the day I get my FREEDOM, I will….. BAKE A CHEESECAKE! Yes… life is just so plain simple and sweet. Trust me.. it’s not the money! The road to freedom may not be ez… 🙁 I may or may not succeed.

I also wish for GOOD HEALTH… Health is very important!!!

I hope that we could get a dog we both like too – it will be perfect if it’s a rescue 🙂 It’s nice to have something we both love and can come home too ( nah.. not a human baby!!)

Another wish is to travel MORE! I realised that we haven’t been traveling much because we are saving $. I hope 2012 will be a better year for us financially??!! haha… I know it’s weird… we will probably be quite broke..but at least the money we earned is for our enjoyment and not to save up for other purpose!!oh… I also can’t wait for our Europe trip in April!!! OMG!!! Trip of a lifetime!! I also want to go to Disneyworld during Christmas!!!

and.. come April 2012 will also mean that BH and I had been together for *drumroll* 10 years!!! 😀 can’t believe it right!! heh.. I hope we will have many many more years together!

erm.. I think that’s all I can think of for now.. haha … HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!! and… Do take care and be happy! There’s nothing more important than being happy 🙂

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