Merry X’mas!

haha.. well.. it’s not really over.. there’s 12 days!

The first thing that came into my head is… X’mas is over-rated with all the snow (fortunately the weather is super good this yr!) and presents. We tend to forget the real meaning of X’mas! Then again, the thing about me is I classify something as ‘over-rated’ just because nothing special happened. hehe…

Anyhow, we watched MI3 at IMAX on X’mas eve. We also walked by our very first home in Seattle – it’s currently occupied by someone else. The weather was beautiful…then we realised how much we miss Seattle. On X’mas, BH and I baked some cookies! It’s always nice to do something together. How can I forget? NBA season started too… grrrr…. After some nagging, we managed to squeeze in some time for a movie at home – we watched ‘ONE DAY’… such a bittersweet movie 🙁

I didn’t get him anything as X’mas present and I didn’t expect him to get me anything….However, BH still got me a small gift – Rachael Ray Lazy Spoon in Orange. He was like ” Just right for a lazy girl like you! ” Really??? Am I lazy? haha..

Christmas happens in you heart.. and I was just glad to have such a huge gift with me all the time – BH. haha… how lucky am I to hold on to my present everyday and nearly everywhere I go 🙂 I’m just hoping that it won’t be our last..

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (Just for in case, I didn’t drop an entry here in time)

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