1st visit to Corgi breeder

Well, BH had been thinking of getting us a puppy for the longest time. I’m not sure what makes him want to do so… maybe because I have been yakking about Bambi each time after I talked to my mum on the phone or maybe because my sis sends us pictures of Bambi or maybe because our friends here have dogs and we want 1 too or maybe he’s just bored that it’s just 2 of us 🙁 ? I really don’t know

While I was still at the stage of ‘toying’ with the thought of having a dog.. BH was searching for puppies/breeders online. He emailed this breeder at Ellensberg, WA – http://www.heartbarx.com/ and we decided to take a 2hr drive down to see the pups on Saturday. That was the highlight of our week… we were excitedly looking forward to our trip to the breeder.

The night before, BH and I were out to do some shopping. Then BH was like “Hey.. I need to find ATM.. get money..” I didn’t find anything amiss.. but BH came back from the ATM and told me he withdrew $100 so that we could put deposit for the pup tml. I was taken aback by how serious he was and thought that he was really sweet. I mean.. he has really bad memory but the thought that he rems to take money for that purpose just shows how serious he was! That night, I was sleepless.. I was excited yet scared.

I had my reservations about having a pup:
1) I don’t know how to take care of a pup!!! I’m so new!!
2) I need to buy pup things to prepare for the home – what to buy? how to prepare? is there space?
3) Our apt is carpeted , pup will confirm dirty the place! how!!
4) I haven’t break my bond yet.. what if i need to go back? ( My sis won’t mind having a 2nd corgi.. haha)
5) We will be traveling next yr, who can help to take care? ( we have friends with dogs.. but not sure if they are willing to care for our pup)

The day came .. we woke up early (even earlier than the alarm) – went out for breakfast and drove to the breeder. It was a beautiful day.. we were admiring the scenery and ‘wowing’ at the beauty of nature… then we wondered how nice is it to have a dog to enjoy the beautiful day with.

We stopped along the freeway to take these pictures…

We finally reached the breeder and was greeted with a row of 4 adult corgis – woofing around as though to welcome us ( or threaten us not to bring the pups away) haha… we saw the pups.. they were so small.. like pieces of charcoal on the floor. We disinfected our hands then asked the breeder some qns and tried to play/socialise with the remaining pups.

For me, it was NOT love at first sight.. the pups just didn’t wanna come to me… I wonder if they could sense my fear… they all love BH ( or rather his shoes.. haha) anyhow, BH was really bought over by Boo…who rested next to him after playing. It was an epic moment! It’s a pity that I didn’t connect with any of the corgis… We left… feeling sad and disapted…

Memories of the pups – Aren’t they adorable?

Boo was taken 1 hr after we left ( breeder emailed us). I pray that the rest of the puppies will go to good homes.. their forever homes..

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