1st *real* physical exam


I told myself that no matter how busy I am, I need to blog about this.

AFTER my many visits to the doctor this year ( 5 times in 2 mths) , my friend advice me to go for a physical exam.. just for in case. ok, my first reaction to this is ‘eek… so paiseh…’ then again.. as the quote goes ‘prevention is better than cure’

I scheduled for this checkup 2 weeks ago and went for the exam on this fateful morning. (Note: To schedule after period) Lucky thing, I had seen Dr Le like for so many times.. I feel so comfy with her. haha… even the nurse/assistant and the receptionist know me.

The nurse took my weight, height and pressure then instructed me to undress completely and put on the gown. Then Dr Le came in and explain to me what she’s going to do. Amazingly, I don’t feel awkward with her. So we were chit-chatting ( likes friends) then she checked the ears, eyes, hair, scalp.

Then she did a breast exam – geee… it’s the first time since adulthood that I have a another person other than my husband touch me there! hehehe… I tried not to think about it and the process was … erm fast

Next, PAP smear. The way Dr Le describe it is “it’s abit like having intercourse” In my head, I giggled abit and wondered if I’ll have an orgasm.. wahaha… I know.. I just wanna blog about this because ALOT OF PEOPLE think that having PAP smear is ‘weird’ BUT it’s really like having intercourse. She lubricated this plastic long tool ( which we both laughed and agree that it looks like a penis) into my vagina then used another smaller tool to scrape the walls of the cervix. The moment lasted less than 5 mins? I thought it was fast and felt quite good? hahaha.. Just when I thought it was over, she needed to put her finger inside the vagina then press my abdomen to check my uterus.. a little weird to be fingered by another woman.. but … ok *swallow saliva*

After which, the nurse came in and gave me a Tetanus jab ( need to take this vaccine every 10 years)

I walked out of the procedure room feeling like… I just had sex with my doctor :X

ohh… then I went to the lab to draw blood for cholesterol test .. and that’s about it!

The whole checkup took 45 mins and insurance covered it all!

Now, I hope the results are good….

and I think I had an interesting trip to the doctor once again! wahaha

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