I just wanna be ok today

I figured out that I better blog an entry here to update what’s happening so far.


WE have been very social this year that we missed having time with ourselves.. haha.. no.. don’t get me wrong.. we or rather I like to be with people… just that BH feels that he would like to spend more time doing his own things like work?

Oh well.. BH and I went for 2 Halloween parties this year..it was an amazing experience.. considering that it’s like the FIRST Halloween that we participated! We were very low cost on our costumes. I was a Red Indian while BH was a Pirate. erm… we were very underdressed.

First Party: Bh’s company party – Wah… it’s always good to go to a generous party. The music… the drinks… the food… Fantastic! Together with valet parking.. Nothing compared to my ‘stingy’ company

Second party: Halloween at Denny+Sam’s place. It was the BEST party so far!!! Enjoyed ourselves very much. The party only ended at 4am!!! OMG!

The survivors at 4am!


BH had been quite busy and stressed out with work lately… so I leave him alone most of the time….

On the other hand, I realised that I may have another infection (similar to last time) on my leg 🙁 I made an apptment with the doc and will be seeing her on friday. I have no idea what’s wrong with me


We plan to drive to Portland for a short getaway during BH’s Thanksgiving break. Really looking forward to it.. Looking forward to enjoying each other’s company 🙂


I am thrilled with myself when I looked back and realised that I cooked so much delicious food 🙂 Sorry, no pictures.. to name a few… I made Fried carrot cake (again), Chicken rice and more! Just yesterday, I made Chocolate Chiffon Cake ( unplanned baking session with myself) and I was very happy with how it turned out!

ahh… I love my life now… I hope what I’m experiencing now is not the LAST of everything 🙁

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