Freeze time

I have been very occupied that’s y I haven’t been blogging 🙂 Occupied in a good way. I was glad that the horrible month of September went by and welcomed October with sinful cupcakes!

Above all, I am very happy that Sam intro Jo to me , whom I learnt alot of baking and cooking techniques/skills from! Well, so we have been cooking, baking, experimenting in the kitchen together for the past weeks. Cooking and sharing food is so fun! I admire her spontaneous attitude, how she is open to mistakes and her determination to perfect a dish. I pity Jo because I don’t think she learn anything from me.. I am just so unadventurous and cautious. haha… anyhow.. the point is I learnt alot from her! I am grateful for that!

Just yesterday, I causally mentioned that I felt like trying out ‘Cai Tao Kuay’ (Fried Radish cake) and Jo was like ‘Let’s do it today! I go buy the ingredients and head to your house now!’ I was delighted with her enthusiasm! heh… In the end, we made more than Fried Radish Cake, we also made Yong Tau Foo and ngioh Hiang. We had a fabulous time ( like always) .. Sam was awefully missed ( I think she’s experimenting with her pretty Kitchenaid.. haha)

A picture to rem one of the great meals we had together

I cherish these moments and I wish it will NEVER end!

And just to add.. we also play boardgames together! Oh man… it’s so addictive and we are meeting up for more tonight! haha..

I rem how I always wished that BH and I will get to know new friends together.. and we finally did… in a foreign land. I love my life now..

Freeze time… ok?

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