not a good sign

ok.. so it’s already one week and the pain for my wisdom tooth extraction just got worst. In the past few days, the only way to stop the pain is popping painkillers BUT last night, I popped like 2 painkillers and still hurts like siao 🙁 the checkup was supposed to be today BUT BH can’t bring me today.. so I got to tahan for 1 more night to see the dentist tml.. seriously, I can’t wait! I wanna find out what’s the problem with me!

Anyhow, I googled my pain online and have a sick feeling that I might be suffering from another infection, what they call ‘Dry Socket’ OMG.. I seriously have no idea what is going on with me.. I am so infection-prone ever since I came back from SG!

Tml I will be heading to the oral surgeon for check up.. thursday, I will be heading to the doctor for another check-up wrt to MRSA

I feel perfectly fine and normal… BUT I have no idea why I have so much problems internally

and this month… sets to record that I am going to the dentist/doctor every week…

Just kill me – I think my end is near

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