Less than perfect weekend?

haha.. nah.. don’t get it wrong.. my weekend had been quite fruitful and fun. It was nice to finally get into the momentum of things, doing things we like. The weather had been awesome, it was very sunny BUT not humid. I am also glad that after 1.5 weeks and lots of exercise, we finally snap out of the ‘jetlag’ 🙂 phew!

The thing about me is I like to wake up bright and early so that we won’t waste the day! So on saturday, BH and I woke up at 7 then drove to a nearby park for tennis. oh.. did i just typed tennis? haha… I rem how BH, YM and I played tennis at NUS. man… I was such a bad tennis player then ( good ball picker though!) and I’m….. still as bad at tennis now! haha.. so I guess Tennis to me should NOT be called ‘Tennis’ .. it’s a ‘pick up balls’ sport. BH said tt playing tennis with me is like playing fetch with a dog! Boo!!! After 1 hour of pick up balls, we decided to play basketball which BH commented that I’m definitely better at.. hahaha.. at least I can ‘hamtum’ shoot some hoops! heh…

as though we were Energizer bunnies, we went to Costco to buy peaches. Heavenly peaches! I love summer… for PEACHES!!! 😀 Came home finally and BH cooked instant noodles for me.. haha.. which taste great! Looks like his INSTANT NOODLES cooking skills improved after 2.5 mths of training! haha… After the food, we went to Redmond Farmers’ Market which is a short walk away! I LOVE farmer’s market!!!! I seriously think that Redmond’s Farmers’ Market is one of the best!!!! 🙂 Bought veges there, love the fresh organic vege… more ex BUT healthy and FARM FRESH! I bought fresh flowers too!!!

Now our home smells like fresh flowers… reminds me of the flowers on our wedding day… smells so good…

No… that’s not the end of our sat. , 2 of our Singapore friends are going home for good 🙁 so we sent them to the airport. It’s sad to see friends leave.. oh well… till we meet again!

On sunday, I was tired from the previous day’s activities.. haha.. I slept in till 9am ( still early but considered late for me) Got BH to sell his rubbish on craigslist. Just as I wanted to sell my kindle ( which I raved about.. we decided that the one with special offers is better… there’s a promo code of 50% off groceries!!!) I realised that the bloody 3G is NOT working! Really sad…called customer service… he tried to troubleshoot BUT it just isn’ working.. in the end, he offered to replace.. even better 😀 Waiting for the new one to arrive

BH did his monthly hsework, change bedsheet! wah.. he’s really good at it man! Fast and neat!! 😀 I think he mks a good Chambermaid! hahaha… so blessed tt BH naturally know how to do 1 household chore PERFECTLY!

Then we learnt of a deal at Sports Authority , so we went to buy matching shoes!

Not sure how much these shoes cost in SG, it cost US$99 each BUT we did our maths and were confident that each pair will cost US$35 (before tax) if the deal is right. However, we did 1 deal wrongly, so shoes cost US$55 each. I was super disapted.. the shoes were love at first sight!!! 🙁 haha.. so we are still thinking if we shld keep these shoes or nt… hehe

Ended our night at Matador – One of our fave place to chill out because the Happy Hours ( 4-6pm) are super worth it! and.. it’s so walkable to our home, so we can drink all the alcohol we want! hahaha…

You know what? what I have now… it’s perfect… don’t think anything can replace this..

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