#11e: Reno Progess week 3.5 (Kitchen cabinents w/o solid top + room)

I have been trying NOT to go up to the flat as the parking cost is a KILLER. Seriously, I think I spent a BOMB on parking man… ouch.. even if I were to go, I’ll try my BEST to mk it snappy (within the grace period).. apparently, it’s really difficult… I need to spent at least 30cents each time

Anyway, Mr T is very flexible. Technically, I need to give him another 40% of the payment so he will start work on the kitchen carpentry BUT I was unable to go down – he trusted me and continued to get his workers to do the work. Great! My dad decided to go down on the day the workers is gonna bring the carpentry up… My dad called me and told me how weird the colour was. I freaked out! I rem expaining to the carpenter what I wanted at least 3 times and mking sure he knows what I was talking about by getting him to repeat it for me. I was already disturbed that the drawings Mr T provided are WRONG and if he were to mess up the colours..i seriously do not know how to settle the problem :X

I kept my fingers crossed, my heart and brains were filled with “How to scold Mr T” My legs.. my legs.. were jelly because I was so nervous! I don’t like to try NEW things… BUT BH feel that we shld TRY this colour combi upon looking at many magazines… Before my legs become jelly and melt like ice-cream… I gathered all my courage and drove to the flat safely… I was greeted with this….


It was an ‘aha’ moment… yes! the lime green!! heaved a sigh of relieve 🙂 phew…

2 days later…. it’s all done w/o the solid top

So fast!! so nice… following what my sis will say ‘BIG LIKE!’

I know.. it’s so starhub… but it’s beautiful in my eyes 🙂 and super sian… one of the kitchen lights fused .. need to settle this problem soon… hope Mr T workers and help me..

Other items were up too! Handover shld be next week! whee! When BH is home, he is really home!

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