24 more days to…

holding your hand, talking to you and having you here with me

I miss BH so much that the thought of having to wait so long to see him just makes me wanna cry 🙁 oh well, i know that even when BH is in SG, he will prob be spilt up between his family and friends.. I will probably be the last of his priority. I can’t deny the fact that I’m so used to having him around that I feel so lost w/o him

what if the reno is gonna complete by next week? The home is not completed w/o you

Though I’m in SG and surrounded by family and friends, I still feel lonely. In US, I only have you and the thought of ‘lonely’ is not in my head. It’s ironic and I don’t know why.

come home soon… and when u come, bring me with you…pls don’t leave me alone 🙁

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