#11d: Reno Progess week 2.5 (Toilet accessories installed + shifting of kitchen sink)

Today, the plumber/electrican went to fix the toilet accessories. The whole process took 2hrs. Don’t think that fixing acessories are just drilling but it requires a whole lot of precision. Being budget concious, all my toilet acessories were purchased at Ikea. Ikea items (even small things like toilet roll holder) needs assembling and DOES NOT come with any nails for mounting on the wall. I only assembled the BIG items ( toilet cabinent) – the other items, i didn’t assemble because I didn’t know it needs to be assembled! I’m such a newbie! anyway, sharing this with you so that you know. I was also not used to doing any form of assembly .. sigh.. BH always does all these for us… 🙁 wish he was here

I was lucky that Mr T allocated a very patient and nice man to help me with the installation of such items. Thank God for such a careful worker! I was expecting him to anyhow do the installation BUT he was merticulous! 🙂 He measured and did all the installations properly. Thumbs up! Very happy! He also help me to repair a switch which was not working smoothly!

Result of today’s work:

1: masterbed room mirror with shelf
2: towel holder
3: common bath room mirror and cabinent
4: Champs Jolly water heater ( He installed water heater for 2 toilets too! very well done! Instant water heater is CHEAPER than City gas water heater. Installation cost also MUCH cheaper)
5: masterbedrm towel rail
6: toilet roll holder
7: Shampoo rack
8: Re-running the position of kitchen sink

[UPDATES] Mr T told me that he will be getting me the stove with WHITE tempered glass + 3 burners! He will also get me the kitchen sink with 2 compartments! NO extra charge! Yay! Morale of the lesson – ALWAYS voice out your intentions to your contractor/ID.

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