#11b Reno progress Week 1 (Wet works + painting)

Went to the flat today and saw that the wet works were done! Mr T is always on time OR earlier when we fix an appointment. I am very impressed with his dedication to my reno and hope that he keeps up the good work! 🙂

As for painting, it was still work in progress… I seriously love the colours I choose..hehe.. i have no idea if it’s the natural lights in my home or are the colours just so nice… haha.. I like it very much!!! Don’t ask me since when I’m into green… BUT i am just into green now..

The painter did a good job of covering the aircon trunking and concealed the cracks!! 😀 The trunking seems to have blend into the wall.. very satisfied. Just that they have not painted the ceiling properly yet. Spoke to the painter and he assured me that another coating will be done and he will do the touch up after lights are installed

FYI, Mr T also noticed the dents created by the careless aircon technicians. He told me that he will get his contractor to ‘knock’ it back for us! He took initiative!!! very good!!

Handed Mr T the 2nd payment and looking forward to the next phrase of the reno. !! This means I got to break out of the W.W.S and start buying the toilet acessories, fridge and washer asap!!!

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