#10 toilet doorsX2 + sliding windows for service yard

Total: $1190

Installation date: 9 June

Company: Kau Sheng Aluminium Interior Design Pte. Ltd

sigh…. not the best… long story 🙁 My dad insisted on getting this contractor which he saw from a flyer. We met him at our flat. His flyer advertised that the cost of 1 door is $150 BUT in the end, he measured our doors and say that ours is the BIGGER one, so the cost will be $350 w installation blah blah! I didn’t mk the bedroom doors with him as I think Yontat is so much better and nicer

In the end, because we felt obliged, we made the sliding windows for the yard ( 4 panels): $650 + 2 bathroom folding doors. suspended type (no thread below): $270 X 2

1) Realised tt we might need to change an electrical pt in the kitchen because it will be blocked by the sliding door 🙁
2) I also kinda regretted making those aluminium toilet door – I think it will look weird. Thinking of making 1 of those in the masterbedrm will do, not sure if I can cancel order of 1 door

It’s getting difficult to balance family and reno 🙁 I know my dad meant well..and I don’t want to disrespect or disobey him. I am just caught in between

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