#8 Lights + Ceiling fan w lights + Instant Heater

Champ Jolly electric Heater
Amasco Ceiling fan with retractable blades and lights

When closed ….it looks like a ceiling light

When fan is closed....

When opened.. it’s a fan!

Exactly what I was looking for!! Super happy!! Not the nicest BUT at least it still looks alright…. hehe… NO NEED TO MAKE FALSE CEILING!!! YES!!!

3 Bedroom lights
2 toilet lights
1 bombshelter light
1 service yard light
2 kitchen light ( there’s 2 electrical pts in kitchen)

1 walkway light

1 dining area light


Nothing special about the lights we bought BUT we just want it simple and minimal. In other words, we r trying to recreate our SG home to be kinda like our US apartment. haha… I have no idea why… BUT we just like it… simple.. and yet slick..

Total damage: $1288 ( Free installation and delivery)
Installation date: June 22
Location: Bright House Lighting Pte Ltd @ newly open branch, Midview city

Special thanks to my sis for mking a LONG distance call to BH to get him to check his emails and texts, my dad for chauffering me around to looks for these items and my mum for her valueable suggestions

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