#7 Aircon

Ok. I made the first ever pruchase for our flat – the aircon

Purchased a Sanyo System 3 ( non-inverter) from Gain City. It has 3 ticks, shld be better among the non-inverters

Total damage: $2059

Date of installation: 13 June


At least I have 1 thing off my list. Doing the reno in a LDR is very difficult, it also doesn’t help when we are in different timezone. In the end, my dad makes all the decisions for us 🙁

I am excited BUT I know BH doesn’t feel the joy with me… I can send him a very long email and all I get in return is as long as 1 sentence = 5 words or at most 10 words. Talking online via skype/webcam is v hard too as BH works long hrs and I believe he is doing his own things when I’m not ard. I only spoke to him less than 5 times on skype since I’m here. At times, it just feel like our marriage is failing apart due to lack of communication. Sigh… I really don’t know how are we gonna work things out IF I were to be back in SG for work 🙁

I see how couples shop together for their new home.. and it upsets me that BH is not even interested 🙁 Above all, I wanna thank my little sis and my dad for shopping with me today.

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