Unboxing the KINDLE 3rd Gen. (FREE 3G + wifi)

I have ALWAYS believed that a BOOK is something physical and it is meant to be held on hand. HOWEVER, as I was packing for my trip.. I suddenly realised that my luggage is TOOOOOO heavy to accomodate a BOOK. The BOOK which I wanna bring with me is BREAKING DAWN ( yes – the last book of the Twilight Saga) I LOVE the Twilight Saga and I read it b4 I watch each movie. (Can’t wait for BREAKING DAWN movie!!!) haha.. BH thinks I’m crazy.. BUT I like to rem the quotes and repeat after the characters when I watch the movie.. and I get super angry when the movie is not as accurate as the book. Anyway, I was in panic mode when  I realised that I can’t accomodate the book (due to its thickness = weight) “I need a Kindle” I told BH when he gets home from work.

BH is super enthu about buying tech stuff so HE began to research. He showed me various alternatives BUT I was uninterested. I mean.. I only wanted a kindle because it is CHEAPER compared to ipad or other forms of e-reader or tablet PC. I toyed with the thought of an ipad BUT we went to the Apple store and I don’t like how heavy and BIG is it. haha… my hand actually ached after holding it to read for 5 mins! geeez… and the glare, I can’t take it.. furthermore, I don’t like to watch movies/videos on the computer ( or plane for that matter) I can’t deny this BUT at the back of my head, I was thinking of putting the e-reader in my Chanel flap ( if i ever get one) Ipad is too heavy and will ruin the shape of the bag overtime. Afterall, IF I’m getting MY Chanel, it’s gonna be PERFECT! keke.. ok.. wishful thinking… FYI, Chanel price hike in US starts June 1 , getting further from my dream 🙁

Any case, we searched for other alternatives and emailed sellers on craigslist. In the end, we decided to go for the promotion at Microsoft Store – Buy a Kindle and get a FREE leather cover (ends May 8, the day we bought it. Phew!) . The question is… which Kindle to get? Basically, I am only looking at these 3 :

1) Kindle (wifi) with advertising US$114 – This means, if u r not reading the kindle, the screensaver will be filled with advertisement. Advertisement doesn’t bother me because even if it’s not advertisement, the kindle’s screensaver can’t be customised. 

2) Kindle (wifi) US$139 – same as above w/o advertisement. erm.. the screensaver is Kindle’s own, introducing various authors

3) Kindle ( FREE 3G + wifi) US$189 – same as the 2 above BUT it comes with 3G. 3G for kindle is not linked with any telco ( not like ipad) Technically, IF i’m at a place w/o wifi – 3G will be used. According to Amazon, they have connections with telco of 100 countries (includes SG) so no cost will be incurred! The pt of the 3G is to d/l books BUT ALL Kindle comes with an EXPERIMENTAL browser – It is not powerful BUT good enough for checking email, facebook and even DBS ibanking!!! :O This means tt I can browse simple websites overseas ( 100 countries covered by Amazon) for FREE , even when there’s no free wifi. This is super useful when travelling!


Anyway, I am tending towards Option 1 because it’s the cheapest. I was going to sell the Kindle after I’m done with it during this trip. However, BH was very keen on Option 3 – the one with 3G. In the end, he said ” Just get the one with 3G – I will pay for the diff. ” erm… OK… Btw, he paid for everything and I haven’t paid him yet. haha.. HEY… I have the intention to!

"Hmm... I can't read!"

"you sure there's nothing else in there?"

First look! Yummy!

First touch!

First charge!

Kindle in FREE leather cover worth US$35!

How kindle looks inside the cover... haha.. maybe I shld have bought the white kindle.. more colour contrast



Kindle is fabulous! Loving it! Just for records, the first book bought is BREAKING DAWN and I had downloaded a tonne of FREE books. haha… Caryn, if u r reading this… THERE’S A WHOLE LOT OF TRASHY NOVELS FOR FREE!!! kekeke… In the libraries,these trashy novels look old and dirty… on the kindle, it’s always CLEAN! 😀

1 other thing to note about Kindle: I have been accumulating SWAGBUCKS and participating on BING REWARDS, every mth or so, I will have enough pts to redeem $5 Amazon giftcard from EACH site. This means NEW BOOKs! heh.. have been doing these for awhile now 🙂

Search & Win

I had been reading reviews of Kindle’s 3G coverage in Singapore. It seems like the 3G can’t really work there 🙁 I’m kinda disapted BUT I’ll try it then review here to clear misconceptions. (I hope!) keke.. This trip, I will also be visiting other countries like Korea ( for transit) , Hongkong ( for Mayday concert) and Bangkok ( for leisure) I’ll also bring the kindle along and test it out at these places. Stay tuned!

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