8 bottles of Nivea bodywash for $1.52!

ok, there’s only 7 bottles in the picture because BH took 1 bottle to use. heh…

8 bottles at $3.19 each
Used 8 MQ $3 off
Total: $1.52 + tax

Actually, other Target/Walmart are selling at as low as $2.54/bottle. So if u managed to get it at that price, it’s a MONEYMAKER! I’m just glad tt we can get 8 bottles for almost free + FREE shopping bag from Target! 😀

If you have TLC, you will get to watch Extreme Couponing on Wed. Unfortunately, we don’t have cable 🙁 Anyway, the show mks EVERYONE aware of coupons.. so when there’s this Nivea deal… the shelves were CLEARED!!! seriously… cleared… i mean.. who doesn’t wnat FREE or almost free bodywash right? I don’t know about other household BUT the bodywash runs out FAST in my home!!! I suspect BH is playing with soap when he bathes! heh.. so when such a deal comes out… I stock up! I won’t be around for sometime, to minimise unnessary spending on BH’s part, I am stock up on such items..

The dirty secret…. because I wanted to save $ so badly and I only have 2 $3 MQ, I went to dig our apt’s recycling bin for newspapers which pple threw away :O BH was disgusted and thought I’m mad… yes… almost…

[Add on] Itchy hand me… went to click on ‘UPDATE ALL’ for wordpress… and my whole blog got distorted!!! BOO!!! I freaked out man!! Now.. I finally got it back… erm…changed a different skin for luck..

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