Vday 2009

it’s our first Vday overseas and married! well… we started the day by going to the supermarket.. needed to buy food for the week… came bk for lunch.. then went to the Seattle Space Needle.. wah… the view there is spectacular!!! really nice! hmmm a little bit like the S’pore Flyer? haha… ok.. after which, we came home for tea time… then went out to downtown seattle and visited the Seattle Central Library.. which is HUGE and it resembles the Singapore National Library along beach rd! haha.. of corrs the seattle library design was way better… it’s kinda like the lourve musuem in paris…anyway, BH and i made a library card and we both cld borrow 100 bks/media resource each!! how cool is it?!! so we came home for dinner – steamboat then went online to reserve the books and cds and dvds.. so tt ended our day…

Post Vday – we drove abt 1hr to the Seattle Premium Outlets to reckee bags… havent spent so long at the outlets nt buying anything.. decisions + risks.. you’ll know why soon…(hopefully)

looking at the pictures we took, i think i put on weight 🙁 feeling abt sad coz the weighing scale says my weigh is the same and i have been exercising ( now 4X a week with average calories burnt of 460) haiz… and i can fit into all my clothes so far.. and some even felt loose (even though the dryer shld have shrunk it!) so i m very worried… what went wrong… geez… even xiaxue look skinnier than me in bikini!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *bangs head*

ohh.. i cant post any pics here! hmm… i think there’s not enuff space.. need to wait for one fine day when bh is free to settle this…

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