Lust: Le Creuset french oven

Ever since I made my own stew I had been looking for a good time to buy Le Creuset French Oven! For the past 2 years in US, I had been wondering, why would anyone wanna spend US$200 for a pot which is as heavy as a HUGE rock! I think my wrist will break from holding it! However, I guess.. my shallowness just wears off after I ‘level up’ ( hahaha…. don’t play play) in the kitchen! 😀

Which colour is nice?? hehe..

I spent time reading up on these very expensive cast iron pots and realised that they are actually way better than what I’m using now ( erm… a simple non-stick pot) These dutch ovens cooks evenly and keep the flavours in! Oh yes… I certainly need better pots to cook since I’m cooking like MOST of the time.. I mean.. it mks sense to invest in good cookware!

Right now.. I’m still looking around for deals… oh yes.. it’s gonna be like a hunt for the Kitchenaid Mixer again 🙂

Note to BH: Pls do not get me a pot as gift… sooooooooooooo unromantic!!!

[Sidetrack] Was trying to update my cooking blog BUT realised that we didn’t tk pictures ( we made Tacos + Soya bean milk + Mee siam + Oven roasted chicken) 🙁 Food album on my FB had miraculously disappeared too.. ok… shall mk a more concious effort to take more pics!!

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