looking for everlasting rainbow

not looking forward to move 🙁 This time we are getting movers… yes.. decided not to torture ourselves anymore. So, the new place is bigger. However, I just feel that there might not be enough place to put all our things .. ok.. fine.. I like things to be neat and tidy.. I don’t like clutters .. I want everything to look good in its place.. I’m such a weirdo right!! 🙁 I want everything to be prefect… We actually went down to the new apartment to take measurements and try to visualise where everything shld be… sigh… not as ‘prefect’ as we I thought

down to packing… I only packed like 5 boxes yesterday 🙁 packing is such a pain… and I still have alot more to go

I’m not only a ‘perfectionist’ , I’m also an idealist. I was reading some of my older blog entries and I realised that I have unknowingly typed “I always thought…” This shows that I have expectations of myself which give me unnecessary stress 🙁 We(how i wish!) BH’s sister will be collecting our HDB keys for us in a few days time… I always thought we will be doing it ourselves 🙁 I feel sad that we have to miss out on the experience. The very pt that i’m going back earlier is to do some minor reno of ‘our home’. I’m disapted that BH will not be ard during this process.. because.. I always thought we’ll do this together

I like doing things together so much that I always wanna be a lower primary teacher BUT i just didn’t have the chance 🙁 oh well, that’s besides the pt… then BH was like saying that this flat is a small thing and it doesn’t matter… which mks me even more hurt. I waited so long for this and now when it’s here… I can’t mk it as perfect as I want it to be 🙁 Because of the situation we are in, our pespective is different now

Now I wish I’m always having PMS – at least I can ‘blame’ my strange mood on it

AG: Tell me.. when is everything’s gonna be perfect?
BH: Give me a few more years.. be patient.. it’s gonna be prefect!

How I wish.. I have that few more years 🙁 and for now.. I have to live in the shadow of the mistake which happened about 10 years ago

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