Love Honour Cherish

yesterday, BH went out with his family.. he excitedly came back with some scrapbooking materials and a rice cooker cum steamer! wah… we finally have a rice cooker – kindly sponsored by BH’s family.. thank you so much! so he was like ” let’s spend Vday scrapbooking!” (i think he forgt to add ‘and eating rice!’) hmm.. nt my idea of a romantic Vday but still.. it’s better than no plans…

well… i was looking at the stickers he bought for our ‘Vday project’ and a particular sticker stuck me – ‘Love Honour Cherish’ … it’s 3 simple words but it seems so complex…i don’t really understand what it means… and i THINK it was in the vows which we made on 6eptember… i woke up this morning and i began my search online… no concrete answers..

then i realised… i got married w/o knowing its true meaning… i said the vows w/o understanding…

What is love?

Why should we honour each other?

How can we cherish our relationship?

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