It’s 2011!

On the last day of 2010, I saw the most beautiful sunrise ever 🙂

The first few seconds of 2011, I saw pretty fireworks at the Space Needle

I always thought Seattle was beautiful BUT Seattle just got MORE beautiful as the years goes by… next mth, we’ll be moving to Redmond, so we probably won’t have this kinda view anymore… sigh… given a choice, we won’t have moved… BUT we really needed to save the extra bucks 🙁

I always believed in making resolutions every year and fulfilling them… then I guess.. resolutions don’t matter… it’s how I live my life.. I may be poor but at least… I’m happy… and I wanna continue to be happy!

In 2010, is a year of ups and downs… Behind my mostly happy blog entries, I shed many tears of regret, fear and sorrow. BH and I had been saving and working v hard to give me my freedom .. I think I did quite well in the saving money part last yr – I get freebies and participated in giveaways to the best of my abilities… I cook most of the time… BH gets lunchbox to work nearly everyday… we love travelling but cut down to save the $ ..Really hope that the sacrifices we make now will bear fruit in near future…

2011 just started and I could feel the stress financially 🙁 I really hope the financal part of our life will not affect our relationship… wish us luck! Saving money will be my ONLY goal for this year !

not many pple read my blog BUT those who does… I know u all will have a better year than me 🙂 Happy 2011 and best wishes to all!

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