Thanksgiving weekend

Because of the snow.. BH had a v long weekend. While he worked at home, I had to be the maid – preparing his meals. hmmm.. I still like him at work then I can do whatever I like.. keke.. he’s ‘spying’ on me when he’s home :X

anyway, BH was working and checking on deals.. geez.. he didn’t lay a finger to help at all.. I was super busy and at the end of the day.. tired

so I made Sausage Croissant for snacks one afternoon. Played cheat.. used the ready-made dough..

Impressed that the dough already had triangles on them.. so just roll in the sauages and put in the the oven

surprisingly.. they taste good!!

Only 3 left as the rest were in our tummy!!!

For Thanksgiving dinner.. instead of Turkey, I roasted a chicken and cooked Mee Siam… how Singaporean is that! haha

Julius came over for dinner… pardon me looking so shag.. it was a long day preparing food without help.. boo

On Black Friday itself, we went to Vancouver with Julius and friends – it was raining.. so sianz.. didn’t do much.. it was a eating trip.. and I think i gained a whole lot of weight already!


The next day.. BH and I went to get ourselves the WINDOWS PHONE and we saw a notebook on super duper sales so we bought it! It’s probably the most geeky day ever for us .. haha

Beanie came Free with our phone… hehe.. looks good??

If you think iphone is cool… u need to try the WINDOWS PHONE! It’s way cooler! haha… and I’m loving FOTOCHOP app.. Other than that, I’m loving the overall look and simplicity of the device 🙂 At least, I don’t feel overwhelmed by looking at so many buttons/icons .. loving it!

The 1st thing I did was to put Bambi as my screensaver 😀 Happy that I could have all my fave things in 1 place

Bambi mks me smile.. though she can be very naughty.. oh well.. shh.. got her X’mas gifts already!! Can’t wait to send home!!

Okok.. BH & I also went shopping for X’mas deco and tree!!! We didn’t deco ur place last yr coz we were moving.. this yr… we are going to! Excited!!! Will show pics soon!

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