Parting is such sweet sorrow

I think the quote above is sooooooo overused by me.. but.. parting was indeed sweet sorrow!Sweet as in BH and I can’t wait to be back to our usual routine but on the other hand, we’ll miss our family and friends

Our families met up at Dian Xiao Er T3 for dinner. My sis rushed down from work – there was some screw up with her company’s shuttle bus so she took a cab down ( which was v ex considering it’s peak hr!) I was v touched! If you know my sis..  she’s quite good at entertaining guests! I know that it must be super weird for her to talk and entertain my in-laws ( who are quiet pple) BUT she did it awefully well! I mean.. it’ll be soooo weird if the dinner table is very quiet! At least for my family, it’s nv quiet when we are together and food is always MORE than enuff.. that’s what I miss abt home.. my home!

I had a wonderful time catching up with my family in SG, even when my sis is working shifts , and is hardly ard during weekends. I guess we mk up on her off days. This time she drove us ard instead of I drive her ard 🙂 She’s grown up!!! 

Erm.. with BH’s family – it was offence but i don’t feel comfy with his family some how.. their family is very much more reserved.. v v different from my family! I sure hope that MY OWN family is the open type – you know.. those talk alot and laugh out loud type… I attended BH’s extended family’s dinner and I thought of getting to know his relatives personally – his cousins actually said ” iyah.. no need to know our names.. just call us no. 1 , no. 2 and no. 3″ I was like WTF??!! I was being friendly… it’s so different from my own family 🙁

ok.. so.. finally, it was time for us to go into the gate.. i gave my family and dear friends a tight hug.. thanked BH’s mum for buying stuff for us .. held back my tears.. u know.. i’m quite a emotional person.. ohh.. my mum looked so tearful!! 🙁  Crossed the customs, waved our goodbyes.. till 6 mths later!

Bye SG, Hello Tofu-land!

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