1st CNY in Seattle

hardly anyone celebrates CNY here.. duh! it’s an angmo place.. haha.. so.. there’s little CNY mood… shops are all open.. i guess the closest to the CNY celebration is at Chinatown? the in-laws are here.. we went to chinatown and were greeted by Lion and Dragon dance.. haha.. nice.. but mood still nt there? nt loud enuff?

this CNY is the BUSIEST for me so far.. hmm… usually, my mum prepares the food… i juz look on and ‘help out’ as much as i can… this year, i did most of the marketing and food prepartion… except for last night, MIL made ngo hiang and fried vege.. i made bak kut teh for dinner… after dinner, need to clean the kitchen and wash the dishes… so… it’s very busy… oh well.. i feel so grown up man.. last time my mum do all these, i juz sat down and eat… like i’m a ‘ thousand dollar small sister’ (translate in chinese) hee

this CNY is the PLAINEST for me as well… i nv do my hair.. nv buy new clothes… nv dress up.. nv go out… so many things tt i didn’t do… i come here be ‘cow’.. who say come here and be ‘tai-tai’!! argh …tt’s coz i didn’t thnk HARD enuff to mk this decision…

BH and i are very exhausted.. not from sex.. (man.. the weather is tooooooo cold for anything) but from entertaining our guests who came all the way from sg…

oh well.. so what i did on the 1st day of new yr, i went to the gym and i cooked, wash and clean… so auntie right? 🙁

i’m sure all of u have a very good time with ur family.. i can only talk to my family online and view the delicious food tt my mum prepared on webcam… festive times like this only mk me miss my family more… i’m so jealous of BH whose family is here now 🙁


1) it snowed again.. nt heavy n the weather is still ultra cold…

2) windows 7 is very cool! design is very nice.. and the beta version can be downloaded! here’s the site: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/beta-download.aspx

2 Replies to “1st CNY in Seattle”

  1. ola Amanda,

    How are you?
    You are not alone. I too spent new year away.
    So not to worry you are not alone.

    So how have you been? Its winter, start knitting then (:

    Soon you will be able to go to the beach! (:

  2. hey!!! welcome to our blog! ;p

    haha.. reminded me of the “you r not alone” song… keke..

    knitting are for grandmas!:(

    i think i need a pet la.. haha…

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