How can any blog post abt SG not include my dearest family??

Got to admit that this trip seem very short and rushed 🙁 I didn’t even taste my fave chicken rice my mum cooked neither did I mk a trip to Beach Rd to eat my fave Char Kway Teow

I was super glad that my mum stopped work for the 2 weeks and she lovingly prepared lunch for me. It’s simple cooking for her BUT it’s probably the most sumptuous lunch I had ever had in the past 2 yrs!!!

Visited my grandpa – I was very sad when I see him… my tears can’t stop flowing.. he looked skinnier and weaker than before 🙁 I just don’t wanna think of the worst

Now our family photo always have Bambi in it.. heh

Found this pic on my camera and I thought we ( including Bambi) look quite good!

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