The journey to SG

13 Oct

We set off from our Seattle apt en route to SG. I was going home with a very heavy heart ( as you can read from my previous entries)

Reached the airport – tried to checked in to only realised that our luggages were overloaded. Sigh.. like some maniacs, we tried to repack our luggages to even out the load. Mental note: For US flights , 2 check-in baggages (<= 23KG) for each person. Cabin luggage <= 17KG Ok.. so with alot of F-words, we managed to checked in our luggage w/o paying the overload charge. Thank God! We took Asiana from SEA > ICN. It was an uncomfy flight as I have no idea why it was so hot and stuffy!!! BH was pretty upset that the entertainment system were not on-demand

After abt 10 hrs, we reached ICN. Asiana arranged for a FREE layover hotel ( include airport transfers + meals) as our next flight was the next afternoon..nono.. we are not on business class.. It’s just a service Asiana provide! Not bad I would say!

Bi-bim-bab served on the flight

Free stay at Hotel – not the BEST hotel BUT good enough

Free day tour at Dragon Palace Temple

Flight to ICN > SEA was way better. At least the entertainment system was on demand. haha…

when we reached SG Рour family were waving frantically at us at the arrival terminal while we waited for our luggage. Now I know how animals in the zoo felt ( esp. the polar bears)

The best thing… the feud between my sis and I disappeared when we shared a¬†Chocolate Ice Blended from Coffee Beans. haha..

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