if anyone tells u tt after marriage, things are still the same.. they are juz bullshitting

EVERYTHING changes after marriage

nah.. not tt i had an arguement with BH or BH is treating me bad.. but i feel tt things are not the same anymore.. i prefer us to be juz best friends.. really

Before marriage, he lends u a listening ear. After marriage, “Amanda, I am doing work now”

Before marriage, he does not mind doing things for u. After marriage, “What are you doing everyday!”

Before marriage, he thinks you are the prettiest. After marriage, “You should go to the gym and exercise.. fatty fatty pom pom”

Before marriage, he tells you that he miss you. After marriage, “What are we eating for dinner? Are you preparing lunch for me?”

Before marriage, he holds your hand when we are walking along the streets. After marriage, he walks before you, forgetting that u are catching up with him.

Before marriage, he would apologise even if its not his mistake, just to humour you. After marriage, “Why is it so difficult for you to apologise?”

Before marriage, he plays the songs you like on his ipod (when u r listening with him). After marriage, he plays the songs he likes and mks u get a headache.

Before marriage, we go shopping at departmental stores. After marriage, we go shopping at supermarkets.

Before marriage, we spend weekends going out. After marriage, “Amanda we need to clean up the house.”

Things do change…

i rem Felicia told me tt i think too much.. i should juz do it.. BUT i regretted not thinking hard enough..

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