damn sian

moving house is sooooooo tiring…. our bodies are aching like siao.. and nt everything is in place..

we have been living in dirt for the past week.. and the vaccum cleaner juz arrived last night at 8.30pm! it’s by UPS – they really delivers! (hmm or is it fedex tt uses tt slogan)

well.. we have been purchasing hsehold items online.. coz it’s cheaper than we buy in-store (surprising??!!) and it has FREE shipping (no need to carry)

oh well… everything can come through mails… if only Fedex or UPS or USPS could deliver my mum’s food to me 🙁 if only my mum was here, she could help me with these mess

and we have no internet of our own (don’t ask how i got online) …juz bought a tv but no cables and cable.. so we really ‘watch tv’ not the programmes… ahhhhhhhh…..

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