Happy New Year! (amanda’s perspective)

it’s interesting how fast 2008 flies by.. it’s definitely the year which impacted my life the most

1) a real form teacher for a P4 class.. deal with all the sh*t… the boys are notorious… some girls are siao… and one particular girl, S, made my life upside down.. and affected my mental health as well… i’m so glad i didn’t end up in the mental hospital

2) did some ‘projects’ for the school and zonal level.. which means more work on top of teaching.. at least i was appreciated for outstanding effort!

3) Big career switch for BH which resulted in us getting married earlier… well… it feels like i’m getting married to my best friend… and the bonus for this is…… unlimted spending power and holiday for 2 years in a foreign land


guess the above are the 3 main events… it’s simple to jot down in afew words but the process was unbelievably hard and difficult…

i wanna thank these people for making my 2008 so wonderful: (NOT written according to importance)

Family – My father, my mother and my sister for giving me all the help and support i needed. Giving me wonderful suggestions and advice, caring and helping me all the time.. Thank you very much! and i miss u all… esp. mama’s food 🙁

Binghuan – For planning surprises which did not surprise me! For making the BEST choice in his life by getting married with his best friend.. and for planning and organising most of the wedding details ( from the bridal studio to the honeymoon) Thank you very much for being a wonderful companion and partner!

Friends – Caryn, Felica, YM, Zhihui + many others for your help during the wedding preparations and actual day. Collegues from my *workplace* who had helped and guided me throughout the year.. 🙂 Thank you!

Last but not least, i wanna thank God for overseeing everything that we do.. esp. through our wedding preparations and helping BH through his career advancement… without God’s help, all these would not be possible… Thank you for showing us the “impossible” 🙂


In 2009, I ..

1)DO NOT want to get pregnant

2)DO NOT want to get fat

3)WANT to exercise at least 2X a week

4)WANT to travel around the states(whale watching, san diego zoo, pier 13 sealions)

5)WANT to make better use of my time ( dunno what can i do yet… furthering my studies is just too expensive .. haiz)

5) WANT to cook even better food so that Bh can gain more weight and do even better in his work! (haha… so life-giving!)


2009 must be the happiest year for me! my resolutions seems sooooo ez-going… it’s like I have nothing SOLID to do.. for the 1st time, i feel relaxedl!!! wah!!! i think i’ll find happiness finally… oh well.. even if i were to die today, i will not regret! i have done nearly everything i would have done if i’m alive! and BH and i will be surviving in a foreign land for a full one year! how exciting! 🙂

“i don’t wanna go to school” –> my family will not hear this phrase from me for at least 1 year! haha

Happy New Year to all! Stay healthy and be as happy as a lark! keke.. so primary school!

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