Auburn Petpalozza

The day started nicely with good hair day with GOODY spin spins! 🙂 Here’s how I look

Love these spin pins.. it holds my hair in a bun and it mks my face looks smaller. haha.. I seriously had the pins on for the WHOLE day and i didn’t need to repin

Breakfast was at IHOP – My fave breakfast place

So during breakfast, BH brought up the topic of retaking our pre-wedding photos.. well, i seriously HATE my pre-wedding photos. The photos we took are not good in my opinion.. This is something which bothered me alot and I regretted 🙁 I was sooooo glad that out of the blue, BH brought up this topic .. i mean he was suggesting retaking it with EXPRESSIVELYJOHO in Shanghai! wah.. overseas wedding shot with a superb photographer .. Then I was like “but we are saving money” .. he was like ” money is not an issue.. give me 2 mths and i can earn it back!take it as it’s a 2nd yr anniversary present? It will fill up the emptiness in your heart ” I was soooooo happy.. even if it’s “talk only, no action” I still feel happy.. It made my day really 🙂


After which we went to Auburn Petpalozza, which is like a pet carnival. People brought their dogs and all. hehe.. there were all booth set up my dog recue groups so we just went to take a look… it was kinda like a long drive BUT worth it! 🙂

Some adorable dogs

Someone even brought his pet python!!!

See the hole on his shirt? I wonder if the python made it…

It was a great day.. if only we had a doggie too.. :X

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