WAG deals of the week

I had been doing research for the past few days.. and figured out these are great deals!


3 Bottles of 1L listerine (Regular price $4.99 for 1 bottle)
WAG Coupon : 3 for $6.99
M Coupons: 3 X $1
Total paid: $3.99 + tax

I nearly had difficulties with the cashier for this deal above – The cash register started beeping ( normal if u are using too many coupons). She was saying that there’s a limit of 1 coupon per transaction. I was like I did this before and I have no problems. So she went ‘whatever’ and keyed in the discount! hmmm… weird… I see that she’s a trainee. So, in my mind I was planning to say ‘I want to talk to your manager’ hehe.. luckily, she gave in to me.

#2 Glade motion sensor spray

Glade Sense & Spray air freshener (Regular price: $9.99)
Clearance at WAG: $5.99
M coupon: $4
Total paid: $1.99 + tax

I’m a happy girl at WAGs today! 😀

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