Comfort food

I suddenly crave those moments in SG when you can smell Ya Kun from afar. Kaya toast is so readily available! I mean.. who would wanna go through all the trouble to make your own kaya ( haha..okok.. except  my mum – who would mk her own kaya anyway) I also rem the pandan aroma from the kitchen when my mum mks kaya and how she would spent a whole lot of time ‘watching’ fire and ‘stiring’ the mixture.. heh.. when the process is done.. I would rush to the kitchen, grab bread and start to eat… yummy! Love the hot Kaya on the bread… tastes sooooo good!

During the weekend, we finally managed to buy Pandan leaves. Yesterday, I attempted to make Kaya myself. (Note: We can buy Glory brand Kaya here, but it’s not as nice as the other brands in SG) I modified the recipe I found online with what my mum would have done and I’m v pleased with the outcome 🙂 As I was cooking, I was secretly licking my fingers – Kaya!! Yums!!  

This morning, we had this for breakfast.

(Coffee, Toasted bread with homemade kaya and margarine, Half boiled eggs)

Both of us were like ‘shioks!!!!’ haha.. my own version of Ya Kun!

I can forsee myself mking more Kaya in future 😀

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